July 1, 2011

Short end of the elastic!

I didn't do much today, RJ really wears me out at this point. But I did almost finish my first skirt. I only have elastic left to put in. I tried to put it in with a safety pin which broke while doing that, but I did prevail and was able to get the elastic all the way through, thought I had sewn it down and sewn up the hole only to realize I didn't have it sewn down! UHG! So I had to re-open the whole and try to get the elastic out by hand, which by then both ends were in the middle of the skirt and no where near the opening! UHG! tomorrow I go to Joann's and by a special little handy dandy tool to make this easier. Then it will be done. Woo whoo! I'll have a new skirt for Sunday meeting, yippy skippy! Then I get to start on my next skirt.

I also plan on making some summer dresses for next year, and really like this one pattern I have that is so easy to make. But, I wanted to update it a bit. A friend of mine posted that she bought this Serendipity pattern from Etsy. Which reminded me I had wanted to buy the book Sew Serendipity and then I didn't! UHG. I will have to buy it next year. This year I will just go to the library and try to get it. There's a tie belt idea that I think would update the slip summer dress I had planned on making wonderfully!

Went to two grocery stores today looking for Angel Hair Smart Taste pasta and neither had them any more. That's my favorite shape, I'm hoping we find some soon! I'll look I guess while I'm out tomorrow again. Maybe get some cous cous and sausage as well.

Since we have only taken Lela to Mc Donald's once since moving to Kansas, Kathy left us a bit of money to take her to Mc Donald's as that is Lela's favorite place on earth! haha She calls it Old Mac Donald's. The girls had fun playing in the play area, had happy meals and was happy. Only the second time we have went since moving from NYC. It won't be a regular visit, but glad she had a good time. The last time I didn't go though, I was at a sisters only gathering and Vince took the girls there to play while I was at the sisters house that lived near there.

Tomorrow my brother Nick and his wife get to come visit too. Of course we are all excited to see them too. Hope they have a fun visit.

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