June 3, 2011

There went my part of the income tax return . . .

Belle eating watermelon at Bishops Sunday after meeting.
Yesterday Vincent and Kathy came and picked Belle and I up, and we all went out to lunch at Wild Tyme Cafe and Bakery, again every thing we ate was delicious. Vincent had a sandwich and fruit, Lela had a grilled cheese and ham sandwich, and fruit, Kathy had the three salad plate, which she chose Mediterranean tuna salad, greek pasta salad and yukon gold and blue potato salad, all of it was awesome but the tuna was especially good, I had never had a tuna salad so good, even had capers in it! YUM! And I had the roasted turkey quiche and roasted root vegetables which were so yummy, perfectly seasoned, and delicious! After that we went back to their hotel a while, I downloaded some of the photos they took while they were here to my pc, and just hung out, till Vince got off work and came to the hotel to meet up with us. Then we all came to the house, and dad made shrimp and salmon, corn bread, and cheesy potatoes. It was delicious. Then we went outside and watched the girls jump on the trampoline and then show their zip line skills. I checked on the garden and boy are the beets about ready! I think I will start picking some of them next week. I can't wait to taste them. After all that they went back to their hotel and took Loudine to spend the night with them and Lela.

Darla said I was sounding a lot worse (my voice is almost completely gone), and it sounded as if it was going into pneumonia, and with my drainage being neon green, she decided to write me a prescription and Vince went and filled it. I'm feeling quite a bit better, but still sound awful. I'm not at 100 percent yet, but I've only taken the antibiotic two times so far. I'm hoping I will be better soon, as this has been horrible. Thankfully it's not been as painful as times past when I have been sick, but it's by far made me more tired then other illnesses before! Which I am grateful for not being in the pain I usually am while being sick, but this barely being able to move thing was getting old real fast.

Spent the rest of my share of the income tax return this week. Vince and I always split a little bit of it for "fun" money and the rest goes for savings and catching ahead on insurance and the like. We only get "fun"  money once a year, and plan out our spending it very very thoughtfully. It only took me four months to buy all the big items I want. I actually still do have some of it left, just probably no more big items for me this year, I will piece meal the rest of it out till my next "fun" day next year. haha Any way, I bought two really nice pairs of sandals that are super comfy. One was on clearance for only 20, at JC Penny's, they were St. John's Bay. Then I went to Heads for a pair of SAS but they didn't have my size, I may yet buy a pair though and have them order them for me. But, for today I bought a pair of dansko's which I am loving! I also tried on some softspots, I think I will go back in and order as well. They didn't have my size, but they had one size larger then mine, and they were wonderful! Not as good as Dansko or SAS, but a tad better then Strictly Comfort line which I love. I must say though Strictly Comfort is only about half the price of Softspots though. But, still happy to add to my selection. I was really liking Naturalizers for a while, but seems their newer lines aren't as comfortable as some of their discontinued lines and I have been kind of disappointed the last few pairs I had from them. So again glad to add to my list of companies of shoes I can wear.  Plus Softspots, and Strictly Comfort both have a bit cuter shoes then Naturalizers, which is making Vince happy too! haha Next is to get Vince a nice comfortable pair of service/meeting shoes! I also bought myself and Kathy some body tape at Catherine's. Boy have I been needing it for a while, as I still haven't found which box mine got packed into. Kathy said she had never heard of it before, and has been using safety pins all this time. I don't like safety pins cause they tear and rip my clothes, the tape is much better.

After putting it off for years, I finally took the plunge and paid Mary of Mary's Little Lamb to do me some custom graphics, and go ahead and buy her whole collection. I had at one time belonged to her website as a life time member, but then she discontinued that after her husband passed away. And just went to doing small jobs here and there, and offering a CD of things. So you may be seeing some new graphics in my posts as soon as I get my CD from her. I already changed my blog topper-has my cat, and two others we will be adding to our family as soon as they are big enough. She also zip filed me some others already and my favorite font of all time, Wendy Medium. If only I had known that was the name of that font! I had no idea, it's the name of the font that my cat days of the week graphics have on them. (above on this post) As well as in my sig tag for this post (below), and that I originally had on my blinkie when this blog was called Heather's Patter. I have been looking for this font for three years, after a pc crash. But I didn't know the name of it. Imagine my surprise to finally find it! After buying many font cds, cruising for days and weeks all over the net on font websites, begging all my graphic designer friends to search their files for a match for me! Finally I have it again. I am oh so very happy. I right away uploaded it to my yahoo account for safe keeping, and of course I will have it on back up CD as soon as I get that from Mary. Any way she is a joy to work with, if you like her graphics, I highly recommend hiring her for custom work. She's also exceptionally reasonably priced, and threw a lot of extras in for me at little to no cost.

All that inspired me to cruise around for some more free graphics I have been looking for, which meant cruising many many blogs, many of which have went off line or changed their blogs completely. Looking for graphics that have since been taken off the net by their creators not being able to afford to keep their websites up, even though they were offering their graphics for free. In my search, I finally found 3 more of the mood bears I lost from Helena
during another pc crash. I have yet to find any more bunny or giraffe graphics that I lose though. I only have a very few, but will keep searching and asking around I guess.

After all that we went to Vince's parents hotel and sit around for a while, I painted my toe nails, which have been needing it for the longest, at which time Lela said, I had never done that before. lol That's how long it's been she doesn't even remember the last time I painted them. haha. But, with all this sandal wearing I decided it was a MUST! Then we went to Texas Roadhouse, and had a awesome dinner, went to Target on the way home to get a thank you card for all they have done for us, and then we came home.


Arizona Girls said...

Graphic wise so much has changed since I really actively did blogs and online sites. It's harder to find all the cutsy stuff that used to be out there.

And the webring things are all different and confusing haha

Sounds like you got some nice shoes!! I need to find some comfy ones my feet hurt so often anymore =/ But the really comfy always seem so expensive =(

Sounds like you had a nice time!! Glad you got some medicine and you are on the mend...((hugs))

MagnoliaWhisper said...

I know they don't have the cutesy stuff out there any more, but maryslittlelamb.com is still online and so is graphicgarden.com and last year I got some stuff from Irene at Irenescorner.com that was on sale that I like a lot too.

You are right comfy shoes are VERY expensive in my opinion. I can get good sneakers on sale for 20 dollars (at some stores, I only wear new balance). But, the dress shoes are the expensive part. I was being able to get good naturalizers at the outlet malls for 20 dollars but lately a lot of theirs are no longer comfortable for me any more either. I do like a like of Strictly Comfort they run around 40 dollars at JC Penny's.

Softspots are more comfortable though then the Strictly Comfort line even, but they run twice the price-about 80 dollars.

But, SAS and Dansko's seem to be the most comfortable and they run 100-120.

But, with being a witness, I have just came down with it's a NEED. I can't walk in things that aren't comfortable. I broke and dislocated a bone in my foot so bad when I was 18 the dr never thought my foot would hold together and that I would never walk again, when I walked again he thought I would never be able to wear shoes again. Well there is very few shoes I can wear, but the ones I can are only the above really. And plus I have had two back surgeries and a very bad back. And then add to it I have neuropathy as well (numbness and stinging in my feet). I just don't have any choice but to just bite the bullet and buy. I am very glad I have at least found these brands even though they are expensive, cause there for a while it was getting pretty pitiful on what I was able to wear to meetings/service.

What I have finally consigned is I will buy 2 pair a year (dress shoes for meetings/service) till I get the woredrobe of shoes I need compiled. One plus I have found is these higher quality shoes do last longer then the cheaper ones, if that's any consolation to it. And I come home and don't feel terrible and have to stay home for a day recooping from my feet and back killing me. And I can keep walking. But, yeah they are expensive in my opinion with out a doubt.

My mom when I was little was sometimes able to get SAS at old women's estate sales that had been lightly or never worn. I never see them at these any more though.