June 18, 2011

Convention Day Two

We made it to the afternoon session of the convention today. It was great. The drama was so good and very realistic. I knew almost every one in it this year too. hehe. I noticed they chose a real married brother and sister to play the husband and wife. I thought that was a great choice.

I also ran into Vic Falcon, who I haven't seen in forever! He married my mom and Eldon. And I studied with his wife. So it was great to see him. Of course his daughter in law, son and grandson are in my congregation though.

I also seen one of my really good childhood friends, and her brand new baby! But, I wasn't able to make it over to her. But, she sat only a few rows ahead of us so I got to see her and her baby and husband most the afternoon. Her husband from afar seemed pretty nice. He was kind enough to take the baby up and down the steep stairs for her, while she walked beside him down the stairs. I wish I could ever catch up with her though and actually get to talk to her one of these times! lol haha We never seem to get to each other any more!

But best of all, near the end of the session Belle was just getting way too rowdy and my leg was beginning to really hurt, so I decided to throw in the towel and go sit in the hallway where I had seen some benches. As I was about to sit down I noticed the hotel lobby that is connected to the convention center had some really nice chairs and a few brothers were sitting there. So I went and sat there and it was so much better. So I plan on trying to go all day tomorrow and sitting in there most the session, except the drama. The drama I will go into the main auditorium to watch. But, other then that I will just go stay in the hotel lobby. It's actually a breezeway between the two buildings that is open to the public according to the hotel staff that I asked.

The only thing is I am upset with myself for not ordering the radio I have been wanting from the website. I had been waiting cause I wanted to see it in real life. When I went to the stores that were supposed to have it none of them had it! So we just bought the cheapest radio we could find and will use it tomorrow. Tonight I am ordering the one I want, a Crosley Traveler Radio. I hope they continue to have the convention where it's at this year. If so even though we are local we will get a hotel room there, so we can legally stay in the lobby (even though it is supposedly public area) with out any problems. Cause I have back problems regardless of being pregnant and often can't handle the seats all day for 3 days in a row with out it doing a number on my blood sugar levels. More then once the first aid has had to call 911 by law because my blood sugar was so low when they took it in first aid during the convention. Cause even though most diabetics go high with pain, I'm the opposite and go dangerously, near death low. That's all part of having this weird form of diabetes I have I guess. Any way, I am just so happy I found some seats I think I will be able to handle. There was a couch too, that I may be able to sit on that may be even better to get the baby off putting so much pressure on my leg. So all in all, I'm excited and happy!

I guess I'll head to bed now and settle in for the storms tonight.

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