June 13, 2011

Friend's new etsy shop

One of my friends set up a new etsy shop, every one should check it out. She has some super cute stuff for sale. I am in love with her yellow apron! Swell Midcentury Delights is her shop's name. Please pass it around.

Well, I'm back to working with my recipe review site again. I have all the pages converted now from HTML to XML. And as of now I only have 12 pages left to transfer the recipes from recipe circus to blogger. I'm hoping with in a few weeks I can be done with that. I really want to try some more new recipes. I just tweaked one that I tried a long time ago, KFC coleslaw, done as the recipe was printed something was wrong with it. With a few tweaks it's awesome and does taste EXACTLY like KFC's. So happy to have that in my pocket of recipes now. I really need to get back to logging the recipes into Mastercook as well so I can search recipes faster and easier! So much to do, so little time to do it in.

Every one got baths tonight, and I guess it should be time to go to bed. But, I'm really craving some chia tea. So, I may just get up and have a cuppa and then head on to bed. I'll be dreaming of what I need to take for lunches during the convention coming up. I'm already exhausted just thinking about it. But, excited to get the spiritual upbuilding encouragement we will receive there as well. However, I think I will ask the brothers to let us have copies of the cds as well so we can relisten to it later. I know we will be too exhausted to get the most out of it this year.

I'm also really craving some popcorn but don't want to deal with the hulls in my gums and teeth. I need to go buy some kernal seasonings hull-less popcorn. *sigh*

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Midcentury Delights said...

Thank you for the shout out. :-)