June 25, 2011

BBQ Friends

I didn't get much done again it was in the triple digits so majorly hot out there. We did get to the feed and seed store and bought the straw for the strawberries but didn't get it put in the strawberry patch yet.

Then we went to Walmart and bought a few groceries, they had corn on the cob 20 cents a ear, and watermelon only 2 dollars a melon. They also had new Bush's baked beans with onions, they were pretty tasty actually. Then I decided we needed to get a grill, so we bought a grill. The cheaper end one but I think we will like it.

After Walmart we went to Aldi's and got some meat, and a few other things. Then back to Walmart for some popsicles and chocolate for s'mores.

Came home and Julie was here waiting for us, so Vince started to work on putting the grill together. Took Vince a while to get it together then we went cheap with the charcoal and never could get it to light, and ended up just using dad's gas grill. lol Never did get our s'mores and ran out of gas for the gas grill too and ended up making the corn on the cob, the baked beans and the collard greens all in the microwave, cause by then it was near 11 pm! lol haha But, we decided to send Vince back for new charcoal tomorrow and some more collard greens and we'll try it again tomorrow! lol haha I'll also try to get the straw on the strawberries tomorrow too.

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