June 22, 2011

Skirts and Strawberries

I received beautiful gifts from a friend today, hand made apron and bonnet. I didn't get a chance to take a photo yet, but will soon and will post it. They are truly lovely and I love them!

I only got two strawberry plants planted today though because the ground was so parched I couldn't really dig or make hills with it today. So I rearranged the soaker hose and will be soaking it a while so I can soon. Friday Vince will buy another soaker hose so I can do more of the garden with it. And also some more straw. Also while I was out there, I was pulling some of the grass out of the garden that had furry tops, kind of like wheat if the top of wheat was green and furry. As I was pulling it, I thought one of the furry tops had fallen off and landed on my arm, till the furry top started crawling. UHG, I had picked it up and threw it before I realized it was only a caterpillar. Because of the wind he didn't fly far from my throwing and he gave me the saddest look! lol He was so sad. Ok will try not to throw any more caterpillars.

Amber took me to Joann's cause I cut two pieces incorrectly due to the cat running through my pattern right before I started pinning, and because I was trying to hurry before Belle would be wanting me. So I went back to buy more fabric, and also decided I would make a matching jacket for the skirt. I couldn't believe they were completely out of the fabric I had bought just two days ago! I asked them to call the other location but they said they couldn't cause I didn't have the fabric bar code number. *sigh* So I ended up buying some half price natural colored muslin to make myself another slip with a lower neck line then my first. And then we went to a antique mall. Found a lot of really cute neat things, if only I had money. I just loved the baby planters. My mom used to always give new mom's a flower planted in those kind, and I would love some. The cutest one was a blue lamb with lots of intricate real lace detail that had been porcelain glazed over. It was so sweet, but it was 18 dollars. They had one as cheap as 7 though. If that lamb had been 7 I don't know if I could of had enough self control to not get it. They had several radios too, and I've been wanting a real vintage one, but they didn't have any of the kinds I really wanted or needed.

I just decided to have Vince take me on out to the other Joann's and thankfully they had the fabric I needed, so I was able to get it after all. Then we went to Braum's and I tried their new maple walnut ice cream, I do believe it's my favorite of all now! Belle was so happy to eat it too. haha, she was sticky from head to toe. Then we went and bought Belle some milk and got a few more groceries, then home again home again jiggity jog. I hurried and stitched the edges of the fabric up real fast, and threw them in the washer. So hopefully I can get to cutting it soon and get started on putting the skirt together!

Another wonderful thing happened tonight when I turned on my pc, I was looking for the icon to open up my internet browser, and I noticed a icon that said chart. Ironically enough I was just looking for a chart file I had on my old homestead website, that I gave up due to them starting to charge, and then upped the charge to outrageous amounts. It was a weight loss chart I was keeping on homestead but had linked from my weight loss blog, the link was broken since I gave up my homestead account. And I had been wandering if I had kept the chart some where, and yes I had! So since blogger started letting you add those extra 10 pages, I made two new pages using the code source from what I had saved. So now I have my complete weight loss chart, and year of Curves chart they kept as well. So glad that wasn't lost.

On sad news Lela's been nauseated since the convention. So we got her some anti nausea over the counter medication and she ate a ton of fruit and some popsicles tonight. I think I will buy some more popsicles tomorrow. We really like the Philly swirl ones.

Well tomorrow I get to meet Doctor Jensen, so I better hit the hay.

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