June 8, 2011

Day Six of Riverfest . . .

We made it to the Bluegrass concert tonight. But, only listened from Exploration Place, as my mom didn't want to go all the way to the stage. I made chicken salad sandwiches, using Hawaiian bread buns as the bread. They came out nicely. Brought chips, dip, and fresh cherries to finish it all off. The kids played a ton at the park. And every one had fun. Came home, every one got a bath and went to bed. Tomorrow is the pop concert. Not sure if we will go it or La Leche League......decisions, decisions.

I was also able to find a doctor who was willing to take me this late in pregnancy. He seems very nice. He's very laid back and open to alternative medicines as long as he deems them safe. He works with Wesley Hospital which is a huge bonus as they have so many sisters working there, especially in the bloodless center they have set up there. My dad also works there. So I think that will be good. He mainly works at the birthing center though owned by Wesley. Personally I would rather have my baby at the birthing center, but don't know if he will be willing to let me do that. It is directly across the street from the hospital if there happened to be a emergency. It shouldn't take more then 10 minutes to transport and get a room etc, if there was a real emergency (not much longer then it would take if I was actually already at the hospital). I have had other emergency situations in the building that the birthing center is at, and they were able to get me in Wesley's MICU with in minutes. That's where I get my time line idea from.

I see him for the first time in a week and a half from now. I am excited to meet him and see how things are going. I mainly learned about him from the phone girl, taking appointments. The office is known for being open to alternative medicines and ideas. I had a Amish birthing center recommended them to me, since with my high risk I am not allowed to use the Amish birthing center. They had 10 doctors willing to take me (unlike the other offices I called where no one was willing to take me!), and so I wasn't sure how to choose. And started asking the office girl, who she would recommended at first she said she didn't know. Then started asking me questions on preferences, such as gender, age, ect. And none of those things really mattered to me. Finally she said laid back? And I said, yes very laid back, experienced, but I also want open minded, which sometimes doctors who are older may not be as much of, etc. By the time we finished talking it was narrowed down to two. A younger one and a older one and I was stuck, did I want more experience with the older one, or would the younger one be more open but have less experience. Well, I think I may of gotten the best of both worlds cause she said Doctor Jensen was older, but the most open minded and laid back doctor they had, along with having the most experience. AWESOME, exactly the combination I wanted! I also asked her specific questions on the things I wanted him to be open about, and she said he was used to doing all the things, I wanted, as long as he thought they were safe. Which is exactly what I want. Of course I don't want to endanger my or my babies life, but if it's safe alternative such as V-BAC then I want the option. I don't want the option taken away from me if it could be safe. I'm pretty optimistic and looking forward to meeting him. I am really hoping this will all work out well.

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