June 16, 2011

Heather's Recipe Reviews. . .

Whew, I finally completely finished Heather's recipe review site. It's been needing it FOREVER! I'll continue to add new recipes to it. But, at least now all the pages are created, and all the recipes already in existence are transferred over. phew, that took a few years!

On sad news, we have the District Convention starting tomorrow and now the baby is sitting on the nerves in my leg, and cutting off circulation making it virtually impossible to sit up, and not lay down. Also making me extremely tired. I'm not going to be able to make it to the entire convention, which is really sad to me. Thankfully the society has made the CDs available to each congregation now. But, still I'm not too happy about this. I am hoping I can at least make it to the dramas. But, I'm also extremely nauseated again as well. And to top it off Belle is sick too. ARG!

I have a few baby strawberries now, and lots of unripe tomatoes. I'm hoping to get to eat the fruits of my labor soon. *sigh* It stormed really hard this morning so no need to water today. We really have to invest in a sprinkler. I know this year we won't be having enough strawberries to can though. Hmm, that may take some years.

My mom brought the girls some little stuffed animals that rawr and such, and the girls sure are having fun with them. Lela rocks hers in a rocking chair. haha

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