May 7, 2011

Whoo the sun was shining today, and only a light breeze instead of heavy winds! I got a lot done today but not every thing I had planned.

First Vince brought in my China cabinet and our love seat from the barn. I cleaned them up, and set some photos on the china cabinet. Then I realized I had no idea where the key is packed for it. Hmmm, may have to call grandma and ask her to search around for a spare key till we find out where we packed ours at. Cause I want to get in it and start putting dishes away!

After that we went over to ACE hardware where we proceeded to buy a garden hose. Man are they expensive! Hopefully we actually will get the mail in rebate back! Who knows though really. From there we went to the Feed and Seed store and bought another bale of straw for the watermelon and zucchini plants, and two tomato cages, I will buy two ever pay period till we have enough. I bought the more expensive folding kind, they hold up better and store for winter better too. Then the real fun began!

We went to Goodwill to look for some old dishes for me to put under the flowers/plants in the house, but they wanted WAY too much money for some old plates. None of them were less then a dollar, I was hoping to pick up some for like 10 to 25 cents, no more then 50 cents! The majority of them were 2 to 5 dollars though. The dollar ones were way tiny (like a coaster), or had obscene things on them. But, I did score, even though for most of it I thought it was over priced for Goodwill it was all items I would of bought had it not been Goodwill and I paid less for them had I got them elsewhere. Especially my prize of the day white with gold trim anchor deviled egg tray. I collect all the white milk glass, with gold trim anchor dishes-candy, relish, deviled egg plates, etc. I scored that for 4 dollars. I paid 8 dollars for one 11 years ago at a auction. So I was pretty happy with that score. However, the one I got at the auction did still have the original box it was sold in! (only one I've ever found with a original box!). However, this one was in pristine shape at Goodwill, not one nick, not one bare spot where the gold is, in fact the gold looked pretty thick and lush and as if it had never been touched.........gone are those days in my home, I use them! However a lady in line ahead of me felt the need to let me know, she didn't think she needed a "special" plate for eggs, she just puts them on any old plate. Well, fine and dandy for you. I love presentation though, and just love anchor's milk glass. To each his own, I have simple home type collections and I just adore them.

My other finds were, a "victorian" photo album, it's the kind with all the decor already done for you and you just drop the photos in, and write in the boxes provided for you. That's going to be a gift to my step grandmother Delores, she likes that kind of thing, I think......and she is always getting me, Vince and the girls such nice gifts and I rarely know of anything to give her. I also bought a HUGE glass pot. I have never seen them sold that big before. And I've been needing one to make enough cous cous for the whole family, since they will eat about 3 boxes at one meal, all the liquid and cous cous wasn't fitting in my other pots, so I would have to boil the liquid on the stove in a pot them pour into one of my big bowls to actually cook and serve the cous cous in. Dirtying two dishes instead of one. No more! So yup I bought a pot just for cous cous! haha Then, last but not least I bought a Vera Wang maternity sweater. It's pretty cute and looks good on me. The top part ties into a bow, which is darling, but I left it untied for this photo, so you could see the blouse insert. With out a "real" baby bump under it, when you tie the bow the insert gets hidden under the sweater. It's super cute when tied into the bow though. I also like how the bow is done you just make a square knot instead of actually "tying" this way you get a perfect bow each time, cause the bow is really already formed for you, that's what those two flap things are that you see in the picture. When it's tied into the square knot though then you get the bow affect.  However, who knows could be a Vera Wrong, but the tag did say Vera Wang, probably some exclusive she did for Target or something, who knows. But, it was soft, sweet and cute.

Then we went to kwik shop were I bought some groceries for dinner, came home and made chicken salad, and had some macaroni salad with it that I bought from the kwik shop deli, and rested a bit.

By, then it was getting pretty late, but I still went out to the garden to see what I could get done. I was able to transplant four zucchini plants, the kholrabi, and the lavender. And plant two of the strawberry plants I had bought two weeks ago! While I was digging up the zucchini plants, I noticed lo and behold two more zucchini seeds germinated and were coming up on the third hill of them I had planted! I planted them a month ago and had all but given up on that hills seeds ever germinating. But, they finally finally did! I will transplant them when they get a bit bigger. Meanwhile Vince attached the new hose we bought so it can easily reach ALL of both gardens. Tomorrow I will transplant some of the beets, and put the straw around the watermelon and zucchini, and possibly plant some more beet seeds, and hopefully some marigolds. What I don't get done tomorrow I will finish up on Monday though. Hopefully the wind will stay died down for a few days so I can get all this done! I want to plant some pumpkin, winter squash, and collard greens as well. Hope I can get it all done.

Next week I think I will go back to ACE and check out their canning supplies as well. I want to get some of those BPA free, plastic like lids that you can use over and over again. Not the type that ball sells that are only for AFTER you have opened the can and started using the food, but the kind you actually use for canning and can use for a life time. They even have a life time warranty if they wear out they will replace them. The company has been around for about 25 years so seems trustworthy enough. They are kind of expensive, but I like the idea of not having to buy new lids every year. I want to just buy a couple of sets every year (since they are so expensive) till I get the desired amount I want. Also less waste, since the metal ones you can't reuse after one use. So I like that too. However, the used metal ones, I may use to make garden stakes with. Don't know yet.

After all that we came in, I gave the girls baths for meeting tomorrow, folded a basket of laundry, and came here to post. I think it's time for bed now!


Jenny @ Kerrfect! said...

love the book!

MagnoliaWhisper said...

Thanks I really liked the book too, I should of taken more pics of it!

Candy C. said...

Whew Heather! I got tired just reading about all you got done today! LOL!