May 8, 2011

Today was another awesomely sunny day, got up to the 90's. I didn't get all the gardening I wanted to get done because Grandma Delores, Grandpa Merle and Uncle Dale came to visit. I only get to visit them once in a while to decided to spend the day with them while they were here. As usual Grandma had great advice, and experiences. And Dale had a lot to talk about as well. They are always nice to talk to. I miss talking to my own grandmothers, and family. Most my blood relation have died. All I have left are a few cousins, my mother and her siblings, and even her youngest brother has already died a few years ago. So not many at all are left. Dad's are all dead now that I knew. A few uncles, and his half brother and half sister are still alive, but they don't have any contact with us.

After that my wonderful little brother Nick called, and I am so happy he and his new bride, Megan, get to come visit at the end of the week! YEAH! Then I called Vince's mother and she is going to look for us a spare key for the china cabinet I hope she finds one, I so want to get the dishes unpacked and put away. Thankfully Vince, Caleb and Ben did all the moving I wanted to get done today, my dresser was brought in the house, and the washers and dryer taken out to the barn. *happy, happy, joy, joy!* Tomorrow Vince will work on dragging his table, pc, and printer into the laundry room. Then I'm hoping on Wednesday the boys can help us get the table Leeland made for us down here. That would be awesome! Then we can finally have people over for dinner. Our current table is too small for company.

One of my mater plants
Any way, I did end up in the garden but again it was late, and got dark fast. I went to Walmart after meeting this morning, and bought yellow zucchini, collard greens, and more Vidallia onions (Georgia Sweets). I was only able to really plant two of the yellow zucchini, then I hurried and spread the new straw around the zucchini, and watermelon. The zucchini I transplanted yesterday was NOT looking good today! I hope they pull through, they were looking awful! But, I just don't know. *sigh* Hoping the straw will help them. I will just plant as much as I can tomorrow. I'm not sure what the heat today did to the strawberries though, I couldn't see them in the dark too well when I went to water them, after doing the zucchini and straw. On a good note though the tomatoes, and watermelon, onions, and beets are looking awesome! The kholrabi, and leeks are doing well too. Hmmm, I didn't see the lavender today, I know last I looked it wasn't looking good either. I'll keep trying though.

Last night when I couldn't sleep I designed myself a new blog button, I've been needing one for a long time. I was kind of focused on making a new linkie, but just wasn't finding a font that I liked that small. I finally gave up on the linkie idea though, cause really they are outdated, every one uses buttons now. So I created the one on the right side bar to use instead. I may design a few others, but I'm liking this one pretty well. Next, I want a new subscribe button, and some kind of comment graphic. I will have to figure out what it is I want first though. I may just use a premade email button for my subscription graphic.

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