May 25, 2011

In laws coming for a visit

We had violent thunder storms last night with pea size hail, blinding rain, and 60 mile a hour wind. With tornado warnings. So the brothers called and cancelled the meeting.

I was able to at least finish up cleaning the house though. Which is a good thing since the inlaws came in town today. They were supposed to be here on Sunday but their car died in Pennsylvania early Saturday morning and nothing was open around where they were stranded till Monday. So they finally made it here early this morning. We went to their hotel after Vince got off work, had dinner with them in the hotel Lobby free dinner menu. And then showed them the way to our apartment and showed them around our apartment. Lela is spending the night with them, and will be back in the morning. When we first got there Belle was a little scared and wanted to stay near me, but after a while with lots of toys warmed up. Thankfully they found a push toy mom had bought Lela and a push Winnie the Pooh scooter I had bought Lela some years ago. So Belle was very happy to play with them.

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