May 4, 2011

Circuit Overseer Visit

Had meeting last night with the Circuit Overseer, we were supposed to have the District Overseer too but he and his wife had a chance to take a vacation and took it, they will make it up in July. I am not sure which congregation they will be at then though. The CO had a evil laugh about them getting to make it up in "July". Every one knows it can be hotter then Hades in Kansas in July, can get upwards of 120 degrees in the shade! The CO is really a funny brother though. I kept thinking his voice reminded me of some one else, and sometimes when he is pretending to be some one else when giving a talk, or such it even almost creeps me out! Then I figured it out, it's Phil Hartman! He sounds exactly like Phil Hartman and even has his same style of humor/comedic delivery. He also kind of looks how Phil would probably look if he was still alive (aged another 10 years). Last night on the way home, I said to Vince did you notice that the CO sounds like Phil Hartman and he said yes he has his same humor too. So funny!

It is one windy day today. I could barely water the garden it was so windy. My strawberries are starting to snap out of it I think. The only thing that saved their lives was probably the straw. I am trying to collect soda and milk jugs to put on top of them to replicate a green house effect and keep some of the water in there. Maybe that will help during the convention. At least I am hoping. I think I will set up a sprinkler for the convention though so as not to take any chances. I wanted to plant my veggies and strawberries that have been needing to be planted for nearly two weeks now. But, with the wind as strong as it is today there is just no way. Hopefully Friday will be better.

Last night I redid my blog a little bit, made the readable part a bit bigger so I can post larger pics, and also did the same with the side bar so I can post some of the over sized buttons. Hoping it looks ok and every one can still view it clearly.

I have been completely scoring on Freecycle lately. Yesterday I was able to get a brand new electric blanket for Lela. I have been wanting to get her one but couldn't afford it, was hoping to save enough money before next winter, but now she has one and it was free. Today Vince will go and pick up some windows from one person who is getting all new windows in their house, and I will make cold frames for the garden from them, and another person is going to give us a nice dresser cause they are getting new bedroom furniture. Belle has been needing a new dresser so the new baby can have hers. And then on Friday we will get to pick up a sewing machine from a lady who inherited her mothers but she doesn't sew. She doesn't know the brand or if it's a good one or not, but hey it's free, I'll see what I get.

I have clothes to fold and dinner to be making. Tonight we will have lemon baked chicken, couscous, and cauliflower. So I guess I will get off here and get to it.


Ginny said...

Hey, please don't stop blogging. I love reading about your life on the prairie.

We haven't had a District Overseer's visit in forever but at our last convention, we had one of our former Circuit Overseers who is now our District Overseer be there. It took us back 15 years and was really so nice.

We might get to see him again at our district convention which is now 2 1/2 weeks away. Not sure if he'll be there since we meet at Jersey City and there will be a series of D.C. from the weekend we start until September.

MagnoliaWhisper said...

Thanks Ginny glad to know some one reads it. Oh I don't plan on stopping blogging anytime soon! Thanks! ;o)

I have only had a DO visit one other time (in my actual cong) and that's been in almost 30 years in the truth! WOW huh? lol And then I got cheated out of it this time! haha