May 26, 2011

Mount Washmore the never ending saga

I am so far behind on Mount Washmore it's driving me insane! UHG, I wish I could just get it done. But, working on it at least is a start. Just changed the sheets on the bed, and put those sheets in the washer, now only like what......10 more bags to go! haha

The weather is AWESOME today. But, of course that's how it always is after a big storm.

Dad, Amber, Belle, and I went to a new Cafe, called Wildside Cafe and Bakery today. It was awesome. The food reminded me of the deli in Food for Thought, which is a family owned grocery. The youngest daughter, Michelle, ran the deli, and would get up at 3 in the morning to start the day with the deli. But, when she got married she left the family business and they decided to close the deli part. I have missed it ever since. So in other words this cafe has all organic, healthy, and now glutton free foods. It was delicious.

We decided to split a few things, we had a turkey club, a angus beef sandwich, and a smoked turkey glutton free quiche, we also had hummus and pasta salad for our sides. The sandwiches and quiche were awesome! We weren't too thrilled with the sides though a little bland, but the flat bread that came with the hummus was delicious they had flavored it with herbs and such and heated it. Was the best I had ever had of that. And it was soft not dry and hard. However, at this point I must add I tried every thing that Michelle made at the Food for Thought Deli as I was always her guenie pig when it came to new dishes on the menu and she never had anything that was bland or that I didn't LOVE. She was really special and had great ideas on healthy foods-most innovative I have ever had. So far no one has ever came close to her cuisine. But, Wildside cafe is still really good, and as far as what's open still and running around here probably put it at the top of the list right now! If only Great Harvest would serve more food and for longer then lunch!

On the way out though I asked for a sample of the tofu salad and it was by far the best side they had that we tried. It was delicious the only thing is, to get that and quiche together (which the quiche was my favorite although the sandwiches were really good too!) would be a bit redundant in flavors and textures. They had good looking desserts as well, and great looking juices and smoothies. I think Amber and I may go back often it's right down the street from our house which really is the only thing around here except one other family owned restaurant, Sihls, which is closed most the time, Pizza Hut, and of course Kwik shop. Which up till now Kwik Shop is usually our preferred place to go when we don't want to go to town. lol Even though I like Sihls too but they are usually closed. Oddly enough Kwik Shop's roasted chickens and pasta salad is pretty good. So we get that quite often when in a hurry and wanting something cheap and not to have to go all the way to town. But, this cafe is for sure going to be our new spot. Will have to take Kathy and Vincent (my mother in law and father in law) there this week. Maybe tomorrow or something.

Oh and I also got a giggle that a couple had a little boy in there, he was eating a grilled cheese sandwich with a side of roasted brussel sprouts. lol I'm sure he was happy with that! haha But, who knows Lela and I both love veggies no one else likes so maybe he does too. That would be awesome! I was also happy they had a REAL high chair for Belle and not the little wooden ones every one has now that only has a lap belt, and babies like Belle find no challenge at all in climbing out of! So Belle stayed in her high chair and was very happy. She likes the real ones too! So that also makes it a for sure place to go back, when I am not constantly scared Belle is about to fall on her head!

The internet guy came out today only to tell us he doesn't have the tools to repair the problem and will be back tomorrow. *sigh* When I get my internet back, I can then use the phone again! Love Magic Jack except for when the internet is down. Oh well though, with storms they can blow out our phone lines just as easy as electric and internet, so I've been with out land line for weeks as well after a storm so really not any different. Just wish I could have contact with the outside world while Vince is at work! haha

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