May 9, 2011

My sister Amber is graduating this Saturday and next Thursday my brother Ben is graduating High School. I think I found something simple to make for their parties. Cheesy Diplomas. They look cute and easy! I hope I can get time to make them up.

The hair do Lela gave Belle
Lela and Belle are just too hilarious. Lela did Belle's hair and it is so hilarious, Vince took a photo with his phone. Belle hasn't been liking going in the garden too much the last few weeks. But, today we had a nice breeze. And she loves the breeze. So she was happy to be out there, and digging in the dirt.

Some of the zucchini looked better today, others not so much. I fear 3 of my strawberry plants are completely dead. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. I think I need to buy a soaker hose, they just seem to need more water, and with all our wind all their water seems to be blown away! Poor babies. I just don't know. I did get to peek at my lavender and it seems to be looking a tad better, it was nearly dead. The leeks seem to be doing ok as well. Not sure about the Kholrabi it had been doing good but not sure it's liking it's transplant. So far the watermelon is doing good, and the yellow zucchini did ok with it's planting. The tomatoes are doing great, beets and onions are doing awesome! I seem to do great with the root veggies! lol And tomatoes. Those are ones I guess I can stick to. I just wish the perennials would do better for me! Oh well. I'm living and learning I guess!


Arizona Girls said...

Your garden sounds good for the most part =) My mom hasn't had much success with strawberries either and she keeps trying. They must be kind of hard to grow =/

Your girls are so cute!! =) Congrats on the upcoming baby! Your going to have your hands full! =) ((hugs))

MagnoliaWhisper said...

Yeah it seems strawberries are a toughie, at least for me. Seems they need a lot, first in a hill, then straw, and sooooooo much water! I think I need to break down and buy three new hoses (to make it that far to the garden, so it can have it's own dedicated hoses) and a soaker hose, cause I just can't seem to keep up with it's water needs I think!

Thanks about my girls and the congrats! ;o)