May 23, 2011

Riverside Park

Sunday we had awesome weather. So I decided we would go check out Old Town it has really developed since I left 10 years ago. I remember when I was in high school meeting the man who decided to buy all the old factory buildings down there and make it a "happening" place. It had went to waste, and had mainly vagrants and homeless living there. Now it's a hip happening spot. So we walked around there a bit, but wasn't able to get there till around 5 pm and since it was a Sunday most things were closed for the day or not open for the night yet. But we went to one shop that had a ton of neat and interesting stuff. For sure a cute gift shop, I found magnets for the whole family there. Very humorous ones. I was wanting to go to the antique mall and flea market supposedly there but never could locate them. Lela and Belle were kind of tired of the heat, so I made the rash choice to go to my second favorite all time park when I was growing up. Riverside Park.

First I thought we would get some beirochs though and eat them at the park, but when we got to the beiroch place they had moved. So that was disappointing, we will have to go to a different location and get some though. Cause I'm still craving one! For any NYC'ers reading my blog, a beiroch is something between a knish, and a Jamaican beef patty, kind of like the outside of a knish with the filling of a beef patty, also served with mustard like a knish, and does not come with cocoa bread-another BTW cocoa bread in Kansas is called King's Hawaiian bread! haha.

Riverside Park has also underwent a major overhaul. When I was growing up the main feature was the small free zoo. It's gotten a bit smaller, but the play ground is huge now. Has a water part for the kids to run through, and lots of equipment. When I was growing up there was one little stand (still standing) that was sometimes but not often open for snacks. This time there was at least 10 different food carts there. All Mexican foods. There was pinwheels (fried dough in the shape of pinwheels drenched in hot sauce), churros, and every Mexican ice cream you can imagine. I had a pina colada ice cream bar, and Vince got a Strawberry one. YUM YUM! The girls ran around and around and played and played, Belle loved the baby swings. We were getting mighty hot and tired and didn't make it over to the zoo, will have to do that next time.

After the park we went to eat, had Tater tot casserole, pears, green beans, and apple pie. Belle Loved the green beans!

Today poor Vince decided to make us some grilled hamburgers and a fire started on the grill and broke two of the dining room windows. Apparently the grill was too close to the house! UHG! Glad the house didn't catch on fire! And now Vince has yet another burn. Needless to say we didn't get any burgers.

Belle is getting her fourth tooth it's a bottom tooth on it's the one on the left of her first two bottom teeth which are directly in the middle. She loves towels! All towels and loves to drag them out of the laundry basket and drag them around, play peek a boo with them, sniff them, and lay on them. She took a run and jumped in the laundry basket earlier today, it was hilarious.

We're supposed to have some pretty nasty storms tomorrow, I hope all will be well. And then on Wednesday Vince's parents should be here.

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