May 16, 2011

Busy Weekend

Friday my little brother and his wife came to town. So happy to see them, we haven't seen them since the night they got married. My sister in law, Megan helped me make deviled eggs, and little graduation cap cookies for Amber's party. We were able to have really nice conversations getting to know each other more. I hope they can move here some day.

Amber walking across the stage for her diploma
Saturday my little sister graduated from college, now it's off to law school for her. It was a cold cold day. But, we all went up together in the big van. Afterwards we went back to her apartment and packed up the rest of her stuff, and went to Schlozki's for lunch. Which was irony since my sister said that was the first place they went for lunch when she first started college there. So started off there and ended there. Then we came home and had her party. Tons of good food, good family and good friends.

Sunday we had our Special Talk, it was so good, just what we needed of course isn't it always? We had a packed house, no seats left! They had to bring in folding chairs and squish a few people in. No parking left either. It was a very good and informative talk as always and I really liked our Watchtower study as well. Very nice lesson. After meeting we went to Sam's club for a few essentials and ended up they had a local sauce company there selling BBQ sauces, salad dressings and salsas. Their apple butter BBQ sauce was soooooo good. And their garlic salad dressing tasted just like garlic salad, salad dressing, so now I think I can make our own garlic salad instead of having to buy it premade. Then we got a call that the family was going to Nuway and to meet them there, so went there for lunch and of course had awesome onion rings and burgers, and home made rootbeer. Sunday night grandma and grandpa came over for tacos, and brought old reel movies of Darla and John and the rest of the family. Very fun. Sadly though while we were watching the movies, one of the girls had accidentally left my apartment door open and one of the hunting dogs got in and attacked Willow, our cat, thankfully dad was right behind the dog chasing it and stopped the attack, and Willow is ok. She was pretty scared and shook up since she never has been outside or around dogs, but other then that she is ok. Thank goodness! Before bed I watched a DVD that I really liked! Very different then the usual crud so was happy to finally see a good movie for once.

Nick & Belle
Spent most the day with my sister and the girls, and just had a good day. It was one of our awesomely warm summer days again. And poor Willow has decided to stay the day in my bed, where it's safe and comfy. Checked on and watered the garden and for the most part things are going good out there. I think something is eating the watermelon and strawberries, a few strawberries are for sure dead, along with my lavender but other then that it's going well I think. I really want to invest in a soaker hose next. Oh and I also got my first issue of Mary Jane's Farm Magazine that I sent off for a subscription to. So very happy about that! So far, I've also received two donations for LLL from some sweet Etsy shops! I think I will go have a cup of tea from the tea that one of my Mary Jane Farm friends sent me. Chocolate Hazelnut, sounds divine!


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I wanted to vote for "Pearl". Logged it but it didn't seem to work. Nice blog Heather!

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hmm, I will have to check out why it's not working! Thanks Gail!