May 6, 2011

Belle was sick

Had another great Circuit Overseer visit last night. Funny as always. One thing he brought to our attention was, if we are sick we can call in and listen on the phone and our attendance will be counted towards the overall attendance of the congregation. He said our phone system can accept dozens of call ins. So that was a good reminder.

Belle found Lela's worksheets decided she could do it too.
Belle vomited in the middle of the night. It was pretty nasty. A LOT of vomit, and it smelled so bad, like rotten onions, and rotten garlic. Had to change the sheets, blankets, pajamas, etc. She was awake about a hour before that being squirmy and gassy. She went to sleep right after it was all over though. Yet, I was awake another 2 hours. Needless to say I was pretty tired today and then I was feeling sickly. *sigh*

On Vincent's way home from work tonight he was able to stop and get me a Freecycle sewing machine, I'm hoping it's a good one but it's not in the house yet, will have to see in the morning. I was feeling so ill, I called Vince and had him bring home burgers from Nuway. As I just wasn't feeling like nothing. UHG.

After the burgers I got the strength up to go plant some of my plants that have needed planting now for 2 weeks! Four watermelon plants, a big pot of leeks, and 2 tomato plants. My yellow zucchini and crooked neck squash had died though, I guess not enough light, they had been kept wet enough. It's just either been terribly windy or on good days I have meeting, assemblies, CO, events, etc etc. I transplanted a few of the beets, as even though I planted the seeds a good distance apart they came up in clusters. Then I came in and changed the sheets again as Belled peed on the bed earlier in the afternoon. haha I still have more to transplant tomorrow. I think I will plant pumpkins tomorrow. And also transplant more beets, along with lavender, zucchini, and kohlrabi. Then we will go to ACE and buy another hose so I can have enough to get all the garden easily with out having to work too hard to spray it far enough. Another 25 feet would do it! Then we will go to the feed and seed store and get some more hay for the watermelon plants.

I'm hoping we can get a lot done tomorrow. So much to do, so much to do. On a good note though I've been able to keep the house really pretty clean for over a week now. Quite a accomplishment with my crew! I took about a hour today, and went room to room making sure every little thing was in place, had a few toys here and there, and a few books here and there (the kids books) but over all it wasn't that bad. Got it all picked up, then did the dishes, and from there my feeling good went down hill to pretty much feeling very ill. I think I will be feeling better by tomorrow though. I think it was a double whammy of having not much sleep and my blood glucose taking a nose dive.

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