September 15, 2002

We went to Wal-mart last night. And I'm upset with myself. They had two pairs of overalls I really liked in my size. Eeyore and Tweety ones. Vince said I could put them on Lay away and I didn't. I'm going back today. But, I bet they will be gone. GRRRR I should have gotten them. Stuff moves fast here. I was worried about money though. GRRRRRR

Oh a good thing we did do is join the Blockbuster monthly plan for 23 dollars a month we got to rent unlimited DVDs, and keep them up to 30 days. So I got a DVD last night and Vince got two. Mine can go back today, and I will get something else.

Right now Vince is helping his father with some electrical work for a neighbor to make extra money.

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