September 12, 2002

I'm still feeling achy.

But, we went to Costco today and got some supplies. It was only 40 something. That's good for us. They had some good samples too.

Then we went to Vince's parents house to help his mother pick out a tivo receiver.

Then, we all went out to Outback, our favorite restaurant. Of course Vince and I had our usual. 3 lobster tails. Usually though I get a Ceaser salad with it. BUT, tonight the lady told Vince, after I had already ordered mine with Ceaser salad, that you didn't have to have a salad with it, you could get soup! So I got the cream of onion soup. It was delicious. Usually I get the french onion if I get soup there, that's if I get a cup of it for a appetizer. I'm so happy to learn of this. cause their soups are really good. I like salad ok. But, I can do salad easy at home. lol But, Vince loves salad and soup. So he still got the salad, and got cream of onion soup for the appetizer. I like their french onion too. But, I had never had cream of onion. So I tired it and it was really good. And I had the baked sweet potato with it. It's really good too. Vince got the baked potato with everything. Now, he does usually get a baked potato with every thing. But, tonight it had more stuff on it. Onions, sour cream, butter, cheese, bacon, chives, the WORKS! It looked really good too. But, I really like my sweet potato, so I think I will stick with it, and just steal a bite of Vince's baked potato. lol :)

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