September 23, 2002

I'm doing so much better on meeting attendance. I had been so sick for so long. My meeting attendance had been very low. Now, it's up very well. I am so happy with myself. I wouldn't really know how well I was doing if it wasn't for my sticker/calendar idea. I forget so much.

It was a good meeting. And I volunteered Vince and I for something. lol He doesn't know yet. He had to work tonight. But, he will be at meeting on Thursday. Any way, we had a local needs talk. And well we are building a new Kingdom Hall. They will need security round the clock for 9 months. So I have put Vince and I on the list to do security. lol I've done it before. And I can help teach Vince. I think it will be something good for us. We can really talk and get some personal study in. They also are providing us a trailer to stay in. That's nicer then when I've done it before. lol

I can also help with food, but they don't have that set up yet.

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