September 14, 2002

I haven't done much today. But, we are going to Wal-mart after Vince takes a bath. I want to see if they have any other PJs I like. I may put some one layaway. I forgot to mention yesterday we ate in the Wal-mart Cafeteria. It's pretty good here cause a lot of people eat there. Most the workers too. We had the shrimp baskets, which normally at a place like Wal-mart I would be scared of, but decided to give it a go. It was really good! It was so good I wanted shrimp again today so we made it in our deep fat fryer. lol

Also today we are going to go book a bowling alley for a congregation bowling night October 12th.

Last night I worked out Vince's work schedule all the way through to January 2005. So we know we are leaving on vacation in March on the 16th, and coming back on the 29th. In February we will making our plans for April 2003-March 2004. That's why I needed a calendar that went all the way through those years. We have to plan our Vacation for that long ahead of time every February.

Our anniversary always coincides with the right weekend we need to leave to get the most out of our Vacation time. My mothers anniversary is always right on the weekend we should either be leaving on a vacation or coming home cause it's always right on Vince's 5 day weekend. Which that would give us a extra 3 days of vacation if we made that the beginning or end of our vacation. lol Of course we were smart and that's why we had picked when we picked to get married, cause then he would have a extra few days before having to go back to work. It's kind of complicated but it gives Vince a extra 3 days if we use that five day weekend at the beginning or end of the vacation, we just waste the 5 day weekend if we choose to use it in the middle of the vacation.

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