September 17, 2002

I never did get to go to Wal-mart. I'm sure they are gone now.

It's so hot here. And the AC has been cut off for our buildings now. So I'm barely making it with the windows open and fan on. Can't wait till it cools off here. I think I'm getting a heat rash.

We went to 2 different bowling alleys yesterday but they are all booked through December for leagues. So we don't know if we will be able to get to go bowling with the congregation or not. Another brother is going to go by some bowling alleys by his house to see if they have any openings. I really liked the one that we usually go to though cause it's smoke free.

Meeting last night was good. We had a ton of letters to be read so our 10 minute announcements went way over so the other two talks had to be cut short. But, it was a really good meeting. I just miss not being able to comment the whole night. There wasn't any parts that needed it. The local needs of how we did for the year was good to know what we all need to work on. And Vince and I have some of our own goals too.

I can't wait to get in our video. I accidentally already ordered it, because I didn't hear it announced till last night, but had seen it on the other 3 congregations boards. So I ordered it about a week ago. lol The letter read said though it wasn't ready to be ordered yet I don't think. I will have to reread the letter on Saturday. But, I have a feeling it's another drama. Very exciting. I also can't wait to get my new WT CD.

I rented Shallow Hal but I didn't much care for it. I thought it overly made fun of fat people. I've never had a metal chair nor a booth crash and fall apart on me when I sat on it. Nor any where near that. I felt sorry for the actress who played that part as I think that must of been horrible for her self esteem. And any how Hall was a moron that needed to have his "friends" always making his choices. Who wants a man who can't think for himself.

I have Legand of Baggervance or something like that tonight. It's got Will Smith lol and Matt Damen (sp) I've only got to see the first 30 minutes of it so far. I will have to go and finish it. I think tomorrow I will get Return to Never Land and Cinderella 2. I also want to see Rugrats in Paris, but I didn't see that in DVD there. And our program only includes DVDs. I also want to see Monsters Inc, which it is supposed to be there today or tomorrow. And The Ya Ya Sisters. I don't know if the Ya Ya Sisters is on DVD yet though.

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