September 19, 2002

I finished both Return to Never Land and Cinderella II. Both were really cute. I am getting Monsters Inc tomorrow. And I think maybe Winnie the Pooh.

I tried the mesquite Mrs. Dash today. But, Vince wanted two burgers and I had one. And it was only a little packet sample. So........ I didn't really taste much of it on my burger. I will go ahead and buy it. It came with a 50 cents off coupon. And we are Mrs. Dash aholics. We buy huge things of the ones they sell at Costco. And three or 4 at a time of the ones they don't sell there and we have to get the smaller sizes at a regular store. I especially like the Onion Medley. They only sell the Garlic one and the Original ones at Costco. But, we use all of them just about. The Table one, lots of Onion Medley, and several others. YUM. We also use a lot of Worcester sauce.

I see it's only 75 degrees here today. But, I feel really hot! I wish they wouldn't shut off the AC. We just have vent air now. And the windows have to be open. And in NYC they don't have screen windows, so the bugs just fly in. GRRR. We will have to pay some one to put in screens next spring. Since we are on the 11th floor I don't want Vince hanging out the window trying to put them up. I'll just be happy when Autumn is here and it's nice and cold! lol

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