September 23, 2002

Well, 7 degrees makes a huge difference. lol It's been between 79 and 81 degrees. Today it is 72 degrees. It feels so much better. I have a really good fan in the bedroom and it's just lovely in there. lol I actually got cold in the night. In the living room it's still warm, but I put up a box fan, so it is helping. I just need another vornado type fan for the living room. We tried to get one, earlier this year but the stores were out of them.

Yesterday I got heat rash it was so hot. Today I feel so much better! It's finally cooled off. I hope it stays cooled off. I will be very happy if it does! :)

I rented A Beautiful Mind today. We've already rented 18 movies. If I had a car I could have rented more. lol I was bored all day yesterday, nothing was on. On Thursday when Vince gets paid we are buying Monsters Inc. So we are keeping it till then. So that way we get to buy the one we have. So that way we have a brand new one. Since we got ours the day after it came out, so we were the first to rent it. And when we go to take it back for 9.99 we can buy it. So that's what we will do. It was pretty good for a cartoon. :)

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