September 20, 2002

Vince is still asleep so I haven't been able to exchange DVDs yet.

I went to book study last night with my father in law. Vince had to work. He has to miss one book study a month. Any way it was a great study, and I got to comment a lot. Of course it was our first study in the second volume of the Isaiah book. And I learned several things I didn't know before. This is really interesting.

I've also instated a new visual for my meeting attendance and other spiritual goals. I have a pocket calendar, I put a blue star on every day that I go to meeting. I will get a star for service and prestudy too. yeah! That way I can see visually if I am improving, or what I need to improve on at a glance, instead of having to search my memory. Or beat my self up on things, I may be doing good on. So yeah, I got to add another star last night. lol

Although I didn't get it all the way finished studied, I only got it studied through paragraph 14. And then.... grrrrr we ran over time, so they didn't read those last paragraphs and therefore I was kind of lost. That will teach me! lol Same thing happened the first day of pioneer school. Taught me if I couldn't finish it all, to skip to the end, cause most people won't have the end studied and there won't be many comments if any. My PSS got in trouble that day cause no one raised their hands on the last 3 questions. Although they had told us to only take 45 minutes per a unit to study. I had taken about 90 minutes per a unit and just was getting too tired and didn't finish the last few questions. That taught me, when I started getting tired to skip to the end. lol We didn't get in trouble any more during PSS cause I would raise my hand. lol

Last night was also the first episode of SURVIVOR! lol We had it recorded so I got to watch it when I got home. It was good. Already has some new twist. And I already have a team I'm rooting for, but not a particular person yet. I'm rooting for the older wiser team. I'm excited to see how this plays out.

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