September 29, 2002

All the backgrounds are mine now. I might adjust the colors later. But, for now I'm happy.

Yesterday we went to Wal-mart. BUT, I forgot deodorant, so we have to go back today.

I did however find a nice meeting outfit. A corduroy skirt, and a soft ribbed sweater to match it, both in cappuccino. I look better in reds and wines, they had a wine skirt but it wasn't my size. GRRRRR. But, I will just have to wear jewelry with the cappuccino one to make it look nice on me. But, I've been needing some new clothes, and I like it. I also got a nice satin shirt. That has vertical stripes alternating shiny and dull satin. I thought it would go with almost anything, it's cream color.

I need a full length mirror though, so I can see what I look like before I leave, grrrrr. I've came home twice and seen in the door downstairs reflection I had had my slip showing 3 inches, two different times. No one bothered to tell me! They had full length mirrors at Wal-mart last summer for 5 dollars. But, Vince wanted to wait! GRR Now the cheapest ones is 20 there. But, he says maybe next time he gets paid we can get one. I hope so. Cause, I don't want to come home again with my slip showing 3 or 4 inches! So embarrassing. They probably think I'm some kind of simpleton.

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