September 13, 2002

We went to Wal-mart today. They were out of hamburger patties that we usually get there. And they were low on TGIF buffalo wings. Awe man. lol Vince feel in love with the frozen garlic bread there. So we had to get more of that too. lol

But, I got two nice shirts and a jacket that matched a outfit I got this summer. And a pair of tweety PJs. I have a ton of PJs but most of buttons down the front and I just can't wear buttons down the front is some one comes to the door. grrrrr

I also got a three hole punch, for the recipes I print out for my binder. And a pocket calendar that goes up to 2005. That will help with Vince's work schedule so I can schedule things really far in advance now. So I'm pretty happy. :)

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