September 5, 2002

I can't believe I forgot to post yesterday. Not much happened though. I made a linkie and a sig tag. And in the evening Vince took me to Red Lobster. It was good. But, it is getting more expensive every time we go. So we decided from now on when we want crab legs we will go to a Chinese buffet and it will be cheaper. We used to choose Red Lobster over the Chinese buffets, because of the quality of crab legs. But, now it seems like their quality has went down further then the buffets. So we might as well save money and get the same quality or better quality at the buffets.

I made bacon cheese burgers today. But, while I was making the bacon, I asked Vince to take the burgers off the grill. He did that then he unplugged the grill and got shocked. I always just turn off the surge protector instead of unplugging the machine. He wants to write George Foreman and tell him to add a on/off switch to the grill. lol I think it needs one too.

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