September 3, 2002

Didn't do much today or yesterday. lol I love George Foreman grills though. I had a grilled bacon cheese burger today. YUMMY! Yes we are gadget people. lol But, I really do love the indoor grill especially for summer. But, living in a apt we can have grilled food any time. And it really taste like outdoor grill too, except no lighter fluid after taste! lol

Oh yeah, I'm a theme person too. I got to thinking about my 50's/60's party, and I also have these sundae dishes. So instead of having root beer floats, I think we will just have plain root beer, and then for dessert have hot fudge sundaes. And it would still be in theme, since I have the real glass sundae dishes, they're really cute. lol I also have popcorn boxes (they are plastic) but they look just like the old theater paper red and white striped popcorn boxes.

Where do I get all this stuff? After Christmas sales at Walmart and drug stores. They sell these boxes of retro things that come with a name brand thing. For easy gifts. Like my sundae dishes came with Smuckers hot fudge and caramel sauce. Now during the peak of Christmas buying they are about 10 dollars a set. You get like like 4 sundae dishes and 6 little jars of sauce and a ice cream scooper. But, after Christmas, they are only 2.50! Same with the popcorn things, they came only with two popcorn boxes though and a big thing of popping corn, popcorn salt, and butter stuff. I also have Campbells soup mugs, with the campbells kids on them. I love them. lol I also like the stuff Knottsberry Farm puts out with their jams and jellies, that time of year.

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