September 2, 2002

I love it. It's so nice and chilly today! 63F. I got to have a cup of yummy cocoa! In the summer I'm so hot I can only drink iced drinks and think I'm dieing. lol I'm a chilly willy penguin. I could live some where where it was fall/winter year around and be a happy camper.

Last night we went to Walmart and did some shopping.

Bought some food, and looked for pets, but they don't sell fish or anything at this one. Although I don't suggest Walmart pets, as none of the ones we bought in the past lived long. But, I just wanted to look at some. Awe well.

I did find something that made me really happy. lol It's the small things that make me happy. lol I found these baskets, they were yellow and red. You got 2 red ones and two yellow ones in a pack of four, for 1.50 really cheap. They are the kinds you would see at a drive in, or one of the old root beer hang outs like A&W. That the hamburgers and fries come in, lined with wax paper. They had the old mustard and Ketchup bottles too, both matching the baskets for only a 1.00, 50 cents each!! So I had to get them. Although I will get one more set next time I am there if I remember. I just love these things. I thought I also want to buy some nice mugs. Then have some friends over and watch something like Grease, or some other 50's/60's movie have hamburgers, and fries and root beer floats. Oh did I mention we have a deep fat fryer, and this cool curly cue potato thing to make our own fresh french fries! So I think it would be so cool and fun!

Any way, like I said it's the small things that excite me.

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