August 31, 2002

Vince's father was supposed to take me to the grandparents house after meeting today, but he ended up having to work. This is the one Saturday a month that Vince works 8-4. I was going to go with Vince's father then Vince would come after work, since Vince works in Brooklyn, very close to his grandparents house. So then after his father called we changed and Vince was going to come home and get me. It is about a 2 hour round trip from Vince job, to me and back to Brooklyn. And then he called me and says he has over time. So I don't even know if it will be worth it to go. Especially since today is the last day of Red Lobster having a special on Crab Legs and we wanted to go. Although I have almost 40 eggs made for the day at the grandparents house. :( GRRRRRRR

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