August 20, 2002

Thursday we had to shop for the Poconos. And groceries for home. Friday we went to the Poconos. It was a lot of fun and there was a SUPER Wal-mart there. I was so happy for that. LOL Saturday though when I got up to start making food for the picnic on Sunday I realized I had forgot a few things, so we went to a gourmet grocery store there and Vince found a lot of different vinegar he had been wanting so he was very happy. I made food all day on Saturday. I made 60 deviled eggs, 2 cream pies, 2 salads, and a cherry dump cake. Every one loved the food at the picnic and was taking some home for later! lol One sister wants to pay me to cook for her. A sister from Zimbabwe (sp) said I need to teach cooking. lol Sister Johnson said, Vincent got him a wife that can cook. lol

We also went swimming on Saturday and had a lot of fun. We may buy a villa/condo there in a few years when we have the car paid off. I think it would be nice to vacation with my parents there.

We got up early on Sunday 5:30 am and went to Wal-mart again to get a picnic blanket, Vince some socks, and some cheap serving spoons for the picnic. We got to the picnic in Long Island from Poconos, PA, at about 10:30. (we did come home to drop some stuff off though first.) We had a lot of fun, I talked and talked to a lot of sisters. BUT, I forgot to bring make up pads/sponges to do the make up on the kids. :(. After the park was closing we played mini golf. Vince wanted to all day! lol Poor Alpine4Air though had gotten sick and wasn't able to come to the picnic.

Next year our big buy for the picnic will be some really nice lawn chairs that I seen a a brother and sister bring. They looked really comfortable and had cup holders. So that will be our next year picnic buy. That will make it a lot more comfortable. Since NYC is so big the old stand by brothers and sisters (part of me and Vince.) have to get to the park when it first opens in order to get enough tables and big enough space for a cong picnic. Cause there is just too many people here! lol Vince and I have decided to host a cong picnic in May though next year. Before it gets as hot as it was Sunday.

I got sick on Monday I think from the heat again. There was a pool at the park, but they charged 15 dollars a person to use it. And it was just a pool not a water park! That was way too much!

So all in all though things went well I think. And I'm BACK!

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