August 5, 2002

Today I studied chapter 4, pages 37-42, paragraphs 1-12. It was on Jehovah's power. Elijah had seen many amazing things performed by Jehovah and could see his power from those actions. But, today we can see his power through his creations. It's power that allows him to become what ever he needs to become. Jehovah used a bull to symbolize his power, since at the time that was the most powerful thing people could relate too. Especially the wild bull that is now extinct. But, apparently it was almost as big as a elephant and very speedy. Because of Jehovah's unlimited power he alone can be called Almighty. Also a term I hadn't heard of before, but Jehovah's holy spirit is his power in action. It also talked about Jehovah being called Jehovah of armies because of his large army of not only dedicated humans but millions of angels as well. And of course Jesus is the mightiest of all the angels. Another point I appreciated was about the Bible being powerful. I like the scripture, that said how God's word can reach the marrow of a person. That is as deep as you can go. Very powerful. And of course Jesus quote, that With God all things are possible. It was a very meaningful study on Jehovah's power.

Tonight is our TMS, and Service meeting. Looking forward to it. I guess I really don't have much of a life either. lol That's about all I can come up with that I've done so far today.

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