August 3, 2002

Today I studied Chapter 3, pages 30-35, paragraphs 12-21. It discussed Jehovah's name is holy because his name encompasses all of his qualities, therefore since Jehovah is holy so is his name. Also his holy spirit is holy since, it is the force he uses, and every thing he does is pure, clean and holy. Also how Satan as besmirched Jehovah's name, and that is why it needs to be put back in it's rightful place of sanctity.

Also holiness is related to beauty, since both can be described with the same adjectives-clean, pure, and bright. When we think of things that are clean, pure and bright, we think beautiful or beauty, yet these same words describe what holiness is.

And since Jesus sacrificed himself in 33 CE for our sins, if we repent, and change our wrong doing and have faith in the ransom, we can attain a relative holiness. Also since we are made in Jehovah's image we do have the capacity of holiness in us. It won't be perfect, but we can continue to work on it every day. Our realization of this can motivate us to do even more for Jehovah-anything he ask. Even though Jehovah's holiness is far superior to ours. We can have a awe inspiring respect for his holiness.

Last night, I finally did something for me that I haven't done in a long time, I took a bubble bath, lit some candles, and read a recreational book. I haven't taken a bubble bath in nearly a year. It was really relaxing.

I then got out of the tub and worked on my book club for sisters. I have it ready and it is open for business today. I am curious to see if any one will join. :)

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