August 25, 2002

I haven't taken a nap yet.

I read my e-mail. Then I mopped the bathroom. Then I took the bathmat, a load of laundry and a winter coat down to wash.

On my way out of the elevator I all the sudden was drenched with sweat and my thinking was disoriented. I went ahead to the laundry room put my clothes in the machines, spilled some soap as I was putting it in. And one machine decided it didn't want my money grrrrr. I was trying to hurry as I was feeling more and more disoriented and hot. I figured my blood sugar must of quickly dropped from the exertion of mopping.

Finally got myself back in the apt, and took my sugar, it was 60. Which a normal sugar should be between 80 and 120. Especially since I just ate at 3:00. So I got some chips and licorice.

When I was feeling better, I figured it was time to check on the laundry so I did that. Brought up the bathmat, winter coat, and dress that Sherri-AskPowell-SassyNanny gave me to hang dry on the shower rod. And put the other load in the dryer. Then I mopped the bathroom floor again as a rinse. Since the bathroom floor was kind of getting bad I used vinegar and soft scrub on it. So I was letting it dry so I could rinse the soft scrub off easier. It is looking pretty good now. Vince's cologne fell on the floor and shattered a while ago, and some places turned a weird green from that. Not mildew, just weird, so that came up with the soft scrub.

BTW, a quick tip soft scrub works real well on coolers too! lol

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