August 10, 2002

I never did get to my study yesterday, but today I got up early to do it. It was about Jehovah's creative power. Mainly it spoke of the powerful sun and stars, and how many of billions of billions of stars there is, and Jehovah knows them all by name. Pretty powerful.

Quite a bit has happened since yesterday. We went to Wal-mart and I got a little three tiered cart. The problem was they were in front of the check out line, and Vince forgot 50 dollars worth of groceries in the bag carousel. Then we went to Vince's parents house and stayed there for 3 hours, by the time we got home and figured out what happened Wal-mart was closed. I thought for 50 dollars we would go up today and explain what happened. LOL They had our groceries waiting for us, behind the customer service counter. Thankfully none of it was perishable.

Also yesterday I found out we were invited to a BBQ tomorrow. So I got stuff for it, I made a chocolate cream pie so far, and have boiled and peeled the eggs, next I will make the deviled part of it, and stuff them and fridge them. I think it's a going away party we are going to tomorrow, but the sister who it's at her house, doesn't remember why they asked her to use her house for a BBQ. And she is the one who invited us. I have no idea how much to bring, since even she don't know how many people she is expecting, cause some one else is the inviting. Oh my, I could never be that generous with my home. I need to know how many and WHO!

Oh yeah and we had meeting today. It was a nice WT study and the talk was on the flood and how it applies to our day. Then we came home changed, and picked Vince's mom up, went to TGIF's and then went to Wal-mart.

Yesterday and today was busy days. Tomorrow looks like a busy day too. Actually it looks busy for another week. It's fun though.

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