August 4, 2002

Today I did the meditation box on page 34. It was about the principles we need to apply to be holy. Such as helping the poor, afflicted, blind, deaf, and alien resident. Fearing our parents. And not wanting to lie, cheat or steal. And of course above all things we wouldn't want to worship any false gods. Also how cleanness does relate to holiness, and how Jehovah required cleanness from the Israelites. Also we should view sin as something we would stay away from. Just because Jehovah doesn't have a law regarding something, we need to think of his principles and would it be sinful. And lastly, we wouldn't want to take sanctification and holiness lightly. We would want to be careful not to put things in our own paths to stumble ourselves, but also we would want to watch what we do so as not to stumble others. All very good food for thought.

A congregation picnic is coming up, and I can't wait for it. I think it will be nice. I really love our book study overseer. And I think this will be nice to spend time with him and his wife. They are so sweet. I am going to make two sugar free cream pies, a chocolate one and a banana one. And probably a African rice dish. Although at the block party last year my African rice dish didn't go over to well, but people I think were expecting BBQ and things. But, at last years congregation picnic, there was things like crab, ox tail, curried goat and the like, and it was all eaten, so I think my African rice dish will be more accepted at the congregation picnic, plus with the curry in it it is a bit Jamaican and most my congregation is Jamaican. In fact that's why we are having our picnic so late in the summer, people were in Jamaica visiting their families till this late in the summer.

LOL Last year I think we messed up. Vince took fried chicken to the congregation picnic and I took African Rice to the block party. lol At the block party people would have liked fried chicken more and at the congregation picnic people would of like my rice more. Hopefully this year we will be doing it right! lol Plus people were expecting Mexican food from me both times. Since I apparently am the only Mexican person around here. Awe well. lol There is a Italian sister maybe she will bring something Italian. Probably not though, she will probably be like me and bring something totally unexpected.

We are the only two non black sisters or for that matter members of our congregation though. I have never been part of a congregation that was mostly only one race. I've always went to congregations with a good mix of all races. But, since we are all brothers and sisters the congregation doesn't make us feel left out in the least. In fact, I rarely notice. Well, in fact I didn't notice till last Saturday at meeting that we were the only ones there not black. But, the congregation is so nice and loving race would never come into the picture I don't think.

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