August 2, 2002

As usual I will start out with my study. I studied Chapter 3, pages 26-30, paragraphs 1-11.

This chapter is on Jehovah's holiness. He is holy to the superlative degree. And that doesn't make him smug, or haughty, but the opposite. Holy has a new meaning to me now. I didn't realize it meant separate. But, of course Jehovah is separate, he is clean and pure infinitely. We are not. And he alone is most high, another separation. Yet, he still provides a way for us to be relatively holy, by giving us principles to live by that are clean and pure, if we follow them.

Last night was our book study. It was really good. Some times though Isaiah is a little deep. But, the association there was wonderful. And Brother Green, our book study conductor, is such a peach. He is the sweetest brother even though he is living with cancer. He really made a effort to encourage Vince that I am so grateful for. He had Vince say the opening prayer, and he had Vince hand out the KMs. I was very happy about that.

Then we went to a book store, Barnes & Nobles, and I got 5 Little House on the Prairie Books. I am going to start collecting them again, and reading them! I would also love to have the box set of 8 of Anne Of Green Gables books I had growing up. They are a wonderful series. I have decided I spend too much time watching tv for recreation. And studying is not recreation, although it is good for our soul. But, there is a time for everything. And I also need to improve the quality of my recreation, so for part of my recreation I will be reading and collecting good clean wholesome books. Taking more bubble baths, listening to more music (jazz, and Kingdom Melodies), and just doing fun stuff that doesn't involve the tv, and is wholesome.

Then we went to Out Back and had lobster, our favorite! :)

Today so far, I have been working on getting together a Sister Book Club. Any sister could join, as long as she had a blog or a website about her reading adventures. IE what she is currently reading, what she likes to read, what she thinks of the book she is currently reading and when she is done with it a rating of the book she read, would be nice. But, she can have on her page anything she wants regarding books, as long as it has to do with books, and the books are wholesome, and not against Christian principles.

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