August 7, 2002

Today, in my study, I studied Chapter 4, pages 44-46, paragraphs 19-23. It was about how Jehovah always uses his powers in accord with his other cardinal attributes, wisdom, justice and love. He is slow to anger so he doesn't use his power abusively. And he doesn't use his power to force people to worship him, he dignifies people with the choice to worship him or not. He wants people to willingly worship him out of love, not force, or coercion. And he is happy to share his power with others. Like Jesus who he has shared the most power with. But, also servants who are trying to worship him, he will impart power beyond what is normal to. The next chapter will be about how Jehovah uses his power to create. But, tomorrow I will be studying the meditation box for chapter 4. So I won't get to the next chapter till tomorrow.

That's really all I have done today. I will have to check back in later when/if I do anything else worth mentioning. lol I slept in today.

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