August 6, 2002

Today I only did half my study cause I had so much to do. I studied more of chapter 4, pages 42-44, paragraphs, 13-18. It was about how Jehovah uses his power. Mainly 5 ways, to protect, destroy, restore, create, and most importantly to fulfill his will. Also he uses his power to help his people. It went into detail of how he helped Elijah, and gave him strength to carry on. Very interesting. It went on to show how this power should cause us to draw closer to Jehovah. And since Jehovah is holy we have no fear that Jehovah will use his power in a corrupt way.

Then I went to the doctor but only to get my birth control shot.

And then we went to Wal-mart. I have decided on a few more things to take to the picnic. I decided a cherry dump cake, layered salad, and deviled eggs too. Very cheap and easy to make, so it won't be a big deal. We decided to go ahead and buy some non perishables now. (pie crusts, cherry pie filling, pineapple, cake mix ect)

We also bought two new coolers for the get together. We needed a smaller one for conventions any way, so Vince wouldn't have such a hard time carrying it. And we needed a larger one for picnics and in the hotel rooms for conventions, etc. We only had a medium one, and a big round one for drinks.

We also bought dominoes, big over sized ones. I wanted regular ones. But, I was thinking one these shouldn't be able to blown in the wind easily, since we will be in a park. And two since we will have a lot of older people there they shouldn't have any problem seeing these! lol They were really heavy and came in a metal tin.

Then I came home and took a nap.

After that Vicki AKA Daisimae called and she is all moved in her new place! Just has to unpack now.

That's been about my day. haha

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