August 28, 2002

Not much to write about today, we laid around. lol It was Vince's day off.

I did make myself a new sig tag for PLN & I made the bloggin' buddies sign over on the right hand side last night. If any one else would like to send me their linkie to put over there let me know.

Oh and a pretty cool thing I seen today while reading my Southern Living magazine is my step father's mothers Mexican casserole dish recipe! I never knew any one else who made this particular dish as it has some unusual ingredients like cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soup in it. Although they said 2 cups of tortilla chips, she always just used a bag of cheese Doritos it was always a big hit with the kids, cause we were allowed to have chips! lol My mom didn't allow much junk food-chips back then, so this was kind of a junk food meal for us. I never knew growing up about the cans of soup in it. lol Till about 3 years ago when my nephews school was making a recipe book and wanted all the students to bring in family recipes, and that was my nephews fathers favorite that grandma made, so I called her up and asked for the recipe and then found out.

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