August 24, 2002

I've been cleaning and cleaning. Let's hope I can keep it up. Last night I eliminated 5 bags of things. This morning Vince wasn't feeling well so we stayed home from meeting. He's been in bed. I got rid of 5 more loads of things, and gave some boxes to the neighbor who is moving. Vince hates getting rid of boxes like, the DVD player boxes, his RC airplane mailing box, directv dish box, the entertainment center box and many more boxes, but we live in a apt and have no room to keep them. By the time I get him talked into getting rid of them, his mother says oh you need them in case you need to return the "___". We are not returning the DVD player, RC airplane, directv dish, the entertainment center, etc and if we do they will have to take it with out the box, and same with all the other stuff we bought that came in boxes, cause we have no room for those huge boxes here. So I got rid of 5 loads of them today myself! Yeehaw! lol He's still in bed and has no idea. Maybe he won't notice. lol

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