April 18, 2004

Yesterday Vince was tired when he got home from work. He has had a sty in his eye on Friday. So he decided he better sleep. So even though I was dressed and ready for meeting we stayed home. So I decided I would call in and listen to the meeting. I got to hear the song, prayer, and about 10 minutes of the public talk, it sounded soooooo good. But, then! I was disconnected and couldn't get back on, I kept calling but it was busy. Some one wired the phones wrong, and when some one pushes the door light (silent door bell) to get buzzed in when they are late to meeting, it hangs up the phone, for the people listening in. I hope they get some one to come and rewire it.

Any how I was really upset thinking I had missed the special talk. But, then I went to a going away party later that afternoon after Vince was able to rest his eyes. And I asked about it, and the sisters said no, that our special talk is next Saturday, since no one gets to hear it till today. So that was a relief. I am so bad at dates, I couldn't remember when they had said ours was, but had assumed it was the same weekend as every one else. That's what I get for assuming. lol


Any way the party was really really nice. It was for a sister who came here from Africa. I think Zambia, but I am not positive. She is a very sweet sister. And has been living with my Book Study Overseer and his wife for the past 2 years. But, now her mother is in bad health and may die, so she is going back. We are all hoping that she gets to come back. Sister Green the Book Study Overseer's wife, was crying cause she will miss her like a daughter she said. :( Every one went around the room and let her know what we thought about her and how much we loved her. I have been to a LOT of going away parties and none were so endearing and loving as this. It was mainly a small party of only the book study. But, it was very very warm. One boy who is just starting to come in the truth and is only 17, really almost made us all cry when it was his turn to tell her good bye. It really did show that this is the truth, by the love we show among ourselves. This boy, said he didn't know her well since he has just started coming to meetings, but hearing the story how the Book study Overseer and his wife took her in as a stranger, just cause she was here in NYC and a pioneer, and treated her like family. And how much her and all of us at the party treated him like family already made him really feel good. And he appreciated it a lot. He also told her how he admired that she was going back to care for her mom, instead of staying here in comfort, and letting her mom die with her other siblings there caring for her. Especially since where she is from her family and friends are starving and have very little money, or access to any thing. Any way it was very very encouraging. I am not for sure but I think the boy was not raised by his parents since at one point in the party he said he was raised by people from the West Indies. So I think us treating him with love means even more.

I bought a lot lot lot of food. lol And Vince said I should have brought more. lol Every one was disappointed when it was all gone. lol But, I didn't know how many people would be there, and how much to bring. When I first got there, I had Vince take in a box of food-deviled eggs, Lemon Coconut Grove Pie, and a layered salad. Then I had him come back out and bring in the green bean casserole and I brought in the cherry dump cake. When I first came in, the sisters said more food, every thing says Woodford on it now! lol You brought the whole meal. (I put my name on all my dishes/pots/containers etc). I wish I would have taken pictures of the food but forgot! But, it was really really pretty. I got a lot of compliments, and a lot of people asked me if I was a gourmet cook.

Another sister brought some green beans, and her mother knew she was bringing green beans, so when her mother got some of my green bean casserole she said, oh this is good you made this? She said no, that was Heather, I can't cook gourmet. lol I just have to laugh that green bean casserole is considered gourmet. Poor sisters, I need to teach some cooking classes. lol And as usual some one ate the decorations off the salad. (tomato rose, and cucumber leaves) I have to really think about what to use as decoration since it's always eaten! lol Have to make sure it won't make any one sick. This is the only place I've ever had my garnishes eaten! lol Another sister came up to me, and said she had to have a piece of my pie (Lemon Coconut Grove Pie) cause it looked like a custard pie her mother used to make. She said and it tasted just like her mother made in Trinidad. That really made me feel good! I could cook some thing as well as someone's mother really just floored me. And I think I was beaming. lol I guess I will make that again, at least for that sister!

Group Pic
Wouldn't you know the one pic with me, is blury. But, here it is.
From Left to right, front to back.
Little Girl (can't remember her name), Me, Sister Lee, Sister Maria, Sister Green (BO's Wife), and her granddaughter.
Behind me is, Brother Hudson, Brother Green (BO), Brother Johnson (PO), Sister White.

Then when we were going around the room telling Sister Maria, how much we would miss her, a sister, that Vince and I have given many rides to her husband, said she didn't know Maria well cause she misses a lot of meetings cause of her diabetes. I knew immediately I wanted to get her number to call her. But, I had to wait, by the time I waited for every one to be done, and for me to get all my stuff gathered to go home. I thought I missed my chance. But, no she came up to me, and said I heard you talking about diabetes I want to talk to you more. And I said, I want to talk to you more too! I want your number, so she gave it to me. Then her husband came up to me, and thanked me for wanting to call his wife. And he was almost crying. It made me feel so good and bad at the same time. It gave me a feeling that maybe others have forgotten her. So I am going to start sending half my meals I make over to her. Cause most my recipes are too big for Vince and I and we never get it all eaten. So it would be much better to share with her then throw it away. I'm going to give her a call today, then I will start some dialog and find out eventually what she likes to eat and try to send her things she likes. Of course I am hoping she will accept food from me first. I am just excited at the possibility of getting a friend with the same problems as me, with diabetes.

Sister Hudson

I guess I should save some chatter for tomorrow. lol Of course I will have to fill you in on how my first call with the sister goes. For future reference her name is Sister Hudson. :)

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