April 27, 2004

I made some more mice today. lol I really like them. I also added a comments part to my site. So I will be working with it, over the next few days probably perfecting how I want it to be. And then adding one to my Healthy Patter as well.

When I got on the pc this morning, to my horror Netzero has taken the PC hostage and I am limited to the websites I can go to. Thankfully I can go to some. At first it didn't let me go any where. Then Vince downloaded some things at Microsoft and it's now letting us go a few places. I hate that you just can't get online and have fun any more. I hate hackers.

Then I about couldn't think cause literally right outside my bedroom window was workers drilling away, hanging from a scaffolding. Oh what fun, I looked at them as I closed my blinds. I wanted to open the window, but then they could come right in. lol It is a weird feeling being on the 12th floor and having some one inches of your window.

Let's see not much else done today. lol Lazy day. I took a long nap and I'm tired again. Time for bed.

Oh yeah, I'm almost done with both Healthy Patter, and Book Fancy's. Hmmmm when will I unveil Book Fancy's? lol

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