April 13, 2004

Still updating the blog. I love a lot of new things I've been finding online. Tomorrow, I'm going to try to draw some more things.

Last night we went to the grocery store, Pathmark. I always style my hair before going out any where. But, I was tired so I just combed it, and went last night. And wouldn't you know it, the first time EVER in NYC I ran into 3 Jehovah's Wintness families in the cheese isle at the grocery store. What was really funny was Vince was talking to his mother on the cell phone at the time, and was saying who had went to a wedding in Virginia, and it just so happened to be the first brother we bumped into's family! lol Vince was talking to his mom on the phone saying oh they went, and at the same time we run into that brother. Then there was two more that came along with in a few minutes. lol Wouldn't you know had to be on a bad hair day!

Then we hurried home cause I wanted to get some out of print JoAnna Lund books off ebay, and wow was that a fight to the finish. I won with only 4 seconds to go. Whoa I was a typing maniac, the last 4 minutes of the auction 4 other people got in on the bidding and wow was it going fast. But, I got them and at not too bad of a price. 3 books for 15.50. Now today I want to go to Sam's and pick up a couple of books I heard were there. lol

Any way, I'm really hoping I can get my nephews to journaling in their blogs soon. So I want to work on some more graphics for both my blog and theirs. It's been fun the past couple of days. Now if I can just keep remembering to come here. lol Stay tuned for more!

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