April 26, 2004

I finally made it to the store today, and got every thing I needed. I got the new pickles made with Splenda. I seen both Mount Olive and B&G had sugar free pickles. So I got both. I got bread and butter, gherkins, and relish. I can't wait to try them. The B&G is zero calories a serving, and the Mount Olive is 10 calories a serving. Not bad.

I've been in a drawing mood, and haven't finished the pantry. BAD me. lol Check out Healthy Patter, I created new mouse characters I call Wise Mice. I have all kinds of things I am planning on doing with them. They are really cute I think. But, I will get back to the pantry real soon. lol Probably tomorrow. BTW, I made those new linkies for Book Fancy's so that's done.

I'm trying to talk my mom into starting a blog. I hope she does. I think it will be fun. She saw this blog for the first time yesterday, and she liked it. I have her one blog already set up, but I made it over a year ago and so I would like to make it better if she does do a blog.

Let's hope I get back in the pantry tomorrow! For now I'm going to watch Dr. Phil. Two people are going to get kicked off the weight loss challenge. SCARY! But, I think I know who the two might be. Sad, that they must be in such a depression/denial/not ready or something, to not even take advantage of such a good program. It really shows, that I feel you have to be ready to lose weight. Not just gung ho I want a new size dress, I'm too fat. A change in mind, and life that says, I am ready to live a healthier life style, cause I want to be healthy no matter what, and I need to for me, and because I love me. It's hard to explain the difference. But, I can sure tell it's different for me this time then any other time. And it's cause it's a change in my mind. Not just a diet, or something that is temporary. I wish others could have this change in their mind too. But, I know it has to be the right time for them. Oh well, guess I will see who gets kicked off.

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