April 24, 2004

We had our special talk today. It was really good. Brother Pascal gave it. He used to be the reader in our book study, but now is a Book Study Overseer of another book study. He's really nice. And the talk was great! It was very encouraging to endure to the end courageously, even under persecution, like Enoch, Noah, David, and Daniel did. Knowing Jehovah will always be there for us. I was kind of surprised the brother actually said, that Jehovah had our backs. It's a nice thought, to know Jehovah will always be there for us, as long as we stay faithful and courageously endure to the end. Then the Watchtower study being on witnessing, like Jesus set the example, really went well with the talk.

I wish I would have taken pictures of the brother, and the talk. But, I will take pictures during our open house. There is still some finishing touches being put on the hall, but it is truly beautiful. I really like the blue. I haven't had windows in a Kingdom Hall, however, since I was first in the truth back in the mid 80's. And they were just small basement window type windows. Cause we were not in a conventional hall. It was more of a cement structure, that was really small. It was sold a long time ago. Back in the late 80's. Our hall has I think a total of 4 windows upstairs. Two are in the main hall/auditorium. And it is over looking some trees, which was unusually pretty for being in between so many buildings in NYC, I wasn't expecting it to be much of a view. All we really see is some tree tops though. And it's lovely. My Father in Law operates the elevator. It is a really nice elevator as well. Has two glass accordion type doors. I will take pictures probably at Open House when every thing has it's finishing touches on it. I just love it. So much room. And the new chairs have a lot more padding and aren't nearly has uncomfortable as our old ones. Although I still think the ones at my congregation in Kansas has the best chairs ever. lol haha. :)

Today I worked on my weight loss blog some more. And am doing a little bit of work on my book fancy archives. I am going to make a new linkie and archive linkie for it soon. Then I just have a little more work in my weight loss blog and that's about it.

I will probably be done with the pantry today or tomorrow. Finally I have every thing screwed to the wall. Even though the spice rack is a bit crooked. lol Now I just have to put every thing back in there, that I pulled out. That's the easy part though. So pictures are soon to come.

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