April 19, 2004

I called Sister Hudson yesterday evening. It went well. She would like me to help her with a diabetic diet. She brought it up, not me. She is 74 years old. I knew she was from Jamaica of course. But, I didn't know much else about her till yesterday. She told me she has 4 boys and one daughter but only two boys are in the truth. But, none of them live here in NYC. She was very sweet. And she is going to the doctor today. She also told me she likes fish and chicken. Her phone was having problems so we kept getting times when we couldn't hear each other. So that was about it. Except for me telling her to ask her doctor about seeing a diabetic doctor. It so happens she has the same insurance as me, and actually goes to the office where my diabetic doctor is. So that shouldn't be hard for her to get to see her. I go to a different center, but I used to go to her same center just to see my diabetic doctor. Now I go to a center where there is parking.

Today I have been cleaning the pantry. It's not been too fun. Finding lots of things I forgot I even bought. It should get how I want it with in the next two days. I only worked on it about 20 minutes. I plan on working on it maybe at least another 15 today. And then maybe tomorrow or the next day it will be in the order I want it to be. I also need to rearrange the kitchen, but that will be a bit longer before I get it how I want. I am in the process of collecting roosters, and rooster items and decorating it in them. Although I have very little cabinet space, and lots of empty wall space, so mainly it can only be stuff that can be screwed to the wall. I really want a clock next.

Other then that not much else going on.

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