April 25, 2004

Today I drew my first pig. I think she's pretty cute. lol I made a new ring for sisters keeping online weight loss journals. I hope a lot of sisters will join. I need to work on it just a little more. Then it will all be done. My weight loss journal is just about finished and so is Book Fancy's. I just want to make new linkies for Book Fancy's and finish the Archives to match. It will be unveiled soon. Healthy Patter is almost done. Just a few things left and I haven't even began matching the Archives yet.

And yes the pantry is almost done too. I just have a hard time reaching up to the top shelf working on getting all that stuff down. I had no idea that pumpkin in a can that was not dented or anything like that would leak! ACK! And then the dried pumpkin cut me. So I quit after being cut. lol It was just barely a little around the bottom of the can and it cut me. I was trying to figure out why it was stuck to the shelf. Cause there wasn't really much at all that leaked out, (I couldn't see anything, but figured it out when I looked at the bottom of the can really really closely, it looks like just around the rim some seeped out.) but I think that is what happened. I am kind of surprised since it isn't dented or anything. Must not of been sealed correctly at the cannery.

I can't wait till PLF is up and running for every one. It seems to be really nice so far.

I need to go shopping today too. I hope I get to go. Need lots of odds and ends at the grocery store.

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