April 23, 2004

I went to Wal-mart yesterday, in the Pocono's. We picked up our anniversary pictures so that was nice. And then I did some shopping. I bought several shelves for the pantry so that should really help out in there. Although I am having a hard time getting them screwed to the all. Thankfully I only have one more screw to get in. It's about to kill the poor screw driver. lol So pictures of the new and improved pantry should be coming soon.

I didn't find any clothes that I liked. The clearance was a bunch of junk, and was higher then their regular priced items. WEIRD!

Oh I did find that Wal-mart makes their own brand of sugar free apple pie filling. So I bought some and hope it is good. I wish they would make the cherry pie filling in sugar free, cause the Lucky Leaf is expensive in sugar free. Oh I found out that Mount Olives brand of relish and pickles you can now get in sugar free made with Splenda. I am anxious to find that and use it. I know they sell Mount Olive here but I haven't seen the kind with Splenda. I love sweet relish and bread and butter pickles so this will be good.

I worked a little more on Healthy Patter and Book Fancy's today. They need a lot more work, but I am just going to do a little each day. I finally got the archives to match the front of Heather's Patter, hopefully it won't be long till all the updates are done. lol

BTW, what is with this fashion with some thing wrote on your buns of your pants? I really don't understand, if you are old enough to wear something like this, more then likely your buns are so big you don't want to call attention to them, and you are smart enough not to be so brazen. If you are young enough to look good in them, why would your parents buy them and allow you to wear them? I mean do people want child molesters attracted to their children's buns, saying yummy, princess, honey buns, hottie, hot, bad girl, kitty, bad kitty, cutie etc on their bum? I just don't get it. And Wal-mart was full of these.

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